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Meet the Rise With Shine Cast!

Rise With Shine is a Podcast & Youtube Female Talkshow hosted by Shine & her friends Lizanne, Dorien, Kelly & Ilysha with the purpose of having authentic & unfiltered conversations. We will talk about important hot topics in today’s culture and also hear inspiring stories of people in the various industries with the goal is to inspire, encourage and empower people to rise up and be the change in their lives and in this world

I am Shine. Rise and Shine is the Podcast & Youtube Female Talkshow hosted by me. Rise With Shine

Meet Talk Show Host Shine

What’s up Everyone! My Name is Shine. I am 28 years old from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, but my country of heritage is Surinam. We make the best food haha. I am the founder & Creative Director of True Identity Projects that produces your favorite new show called Rise With Shine 😉 which I am also the main host of. I love everything creative and arts. I am in my happy place when I get to sing and dance. I lived in Australia for three years were I studied Theology & Creative Arts and after studying abroad I was privileged to see a bit more of the world by being a creative producer on various projects.
Now I work as an H&R Manager for my mom’s company. I started Rise with Shine because my heart is to inspire people. I believe it’s time to have more real & authentic conversations. In the faith community and beyond and I desire to build a platform where we can empower, encourage and inspire people.

Meet Rise With Shine Co-host Liz!

Hey Guys! My Name is Liz, I’m 28 years old and was born and raised in Curaçao. I have been Living in the Netherlands for almost 10 years now. I am Passionate about everything food. Yes, I am a Professional foodie! Last year I started my first company called Renee’s Food Concepts where I get to outwork my passion for cooking and baking and I am also a food photographer. I want to inspire and empower people on this show and be an example for many people especially in regards to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and to be the best (fit) version of themselves.

Lizanne appears in the Podcast & Youtube Female Talkshow hosted by Shine. Rise With Shine
Dorien appears in the Podcast & Youtube Female Talkshow hosted by Shine. Rise With Shine

Meet Rise With Shine Co-host Dorien!

Hello Everyone! My name is Dorien, but you can also call me Do. I am a wife, mommy of 2 beautiful boys, the ultimate fun master and lover of animals. I also love good food. Hot wings make the struggle real, but mostly we maintain a plant-based lifestyle. Currently we are residing in Amsterdam where I work as a photographer. I want to be a part of this show because I believe it’s time to have a show like this. Let’s have authentic conversations. Let’s be real and honest. That will help people and I can’t wait to be a part of that. Also, my age? Well let’s just say I have good genes, because my age will blow you away.

Meet Rise With Shine Co-host Kelly!

Hi Guys! My name is Kelly and I am 31 years old. My background? Well here it goes haha. I have three places I call home: the Netherlands, Bonaire and Colombia. I am Colombian but I grew up partly in Bonaire (the Caribbean) and now I am residing in the Netherlands. So I speak multiple languages but not one of them 100%.
I work as a marketer for a mobile company and next to that I love to travel. I love the smallest things in life and I am the happiest when I am in nature. Having honest and unfiltered conversation with people of different backgrounds and upbringings will definitely be interesting but my heart is to inspire and help people and I believe that that is going to happen.

Kelly appears in the Podcast & Youtube Female Talkshow hosted by Shine. Rise With Shine